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Emotional Eater

I’m an emotional being (in case you don’t know me or couldn’t tell by now 😉 ). A typical Myer Briggs’ ENFP, I live life by following my gut reactions; doing, then thinking about the consequences or the plan. I pack the night before a trip (or the day of) and planning things out bores and sometimes annoys me.

Not surprising that my emotionality (trust me, it’s a word (but here’s proof, in case you don’t trust me) ) influences my mindset when it comes to food. When I feel down, I want food. When I feel successful, I want to celebrate with food. Any emotion that I’m feeling has a food companion. Combine that with my spontaneity and you can guess where I end up. I struggle planning out my meals.  Most days I just see what we have in the fridge and throw something together. When I do plan, it’s hard for me to stick to the plan. So, counting calories is not really up my alley. I still do it sometimes, but mostly, now all I count is carbs, which is a lot less work, especially when you are trying to stay under 20g of carbs per day.

Anyways, the point is, being an “emotional eater” has just been an excuse. Maybe I do struggle with that more than others, but I can’t let that dictate my lifestyle. My goal now is to find something to replace the food. Something that will comfort me as the food once did. I’m not quite sure what that is, yet. As I think back on the past days that have been hard, where I have wanted to cheat or DID cheat, I can’t seem to find a differentiating factor. What did I do on my successful cheat-free days where I felt like crap? Hmm… I’m not sure. But I’m encouraged that I’ve had successful days and even though I’m not sure what is changing, at least I know that something is.


I'm just an ordinary girl, and ordinary wife, trying hard to live an extraordinary life.

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