Posted in June 2017, Weight Loss

One Month Progress

Today marks one month since starting this Keto lifestyle. I had to take a a second look at the scale this morning when I thought it read 229.4 instead of 219.4. I’m just not used to seeing a 1 following that 2.

One month ago, on May 29th, I weighed 230.8, bringing my total weight loss to 11.4 pounds. It’s not as much weight loss as some people on Keto experience in their first month, but I am very pleased with it, given how many bad days I had in this first month. I hope to be better next month.

I’m also supposed to take my progress photos today and that is scaring the heck out of me. What if I don’t see a difference? I don’t really feel super different…I still look and feel overweight. But maybe I will be surprised.


I'm just an ordinary girl, and ordinary wife, trying hard to live an extraordinary life.

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