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Day 3: Why?!?!!

A bad day of running is better than no day of running…right?

Had to drag myself to the gym today and I totally failed at completing my week 5 day 2 of the C25K program. One thought on that, just so you know, week 5 day 1, they have you running 5 minutes at a time, tops. Then all of a sudden on week 5 day 2 you’re supposed to run for 8 minutes without stopping! Nice, easy step up. 5 minutes to 8 minutes…yeah… So that didn’t happen.

I’ll try again tomorrow, I suppose. But at least I went today. I went for a total of two miles, walking and running. I didn’t walk for as long as I normally do and when I ran, I made sure to run at a faster pace than what I normally do. I definitely got a good workout in. Still suck at running, though. Guess my body won’t change overnight like I want it to, huh?

Not gonna give up though. I’m sticking to my guns. I’ll see ya tomorrow, treadmill. *determined face*


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4 thoughts on “Day 3: Why?!?!!

  1. Hi! Nice read. Great to know you still went in and did what you were supposed to.
    How about two 4 minutes sessions rather than a gigantic 8 minute one? When I am running on a treadmill for say an hour, I usually break that into four 15s, or three 20s, taht makes it easier for me. Have you tried it before?
    Anyway, keep up the good work!

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  2. I’m also finding that jump too great and am just doing my own thing instead, making the runs gradually longer. It all still counts, don’t give up. What you are doing is great! (Although maybe some foods othwr than eggs today?)

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  3. Are you on week 5 too?! Awesome! And I am definitely going to eat something other than eggs today. lol. Maybe that will give me more energy! Good luck to you! Let me know when you succeed on week 5 day 2!


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